Bird Detective

Smart Bird Feeder

Identifies and reminds you of bird guests, snaps their pictures&videos and organizes them in an excellent collection.

“We have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children our love for this Earth and to tell our stories. These are the moments when the world is made whole. In my children’s memories, the adventures we’ve had together in nature will always exist.”                                                           
                   — Richard Louv


A window be in touch with nature in your backyard

Birds represent the only wildlife most people still encounter everyday. 
Bird detective allows us the easiest of opportunities to connect with nature. Perhaps there is a birdwatcher within all of us.

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Never miss any bird that visits you!

Snap unique close-ups and recognize each bird!

Sharing nature with family and build your ultimate collection!

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Why it is smart?

Bird Detective smart bird feeder always knows who's in front of the camera.
Whenever bird visitors are ready to land, Bird Detective senses instantly. With "Deep Learning" and "Visual Computer Algorithms" increasing the recognition accuracy sustained, it recognizes over 10,000 bird species until now.

Machine Algorithms

Bird Recognition

Bird Face Memory

Built-in Microphone

With a built-in microphone, your Bird Detective smart bird feeder doesn't even need to
see the bird. it already knows which bird is approaching when it hears it sing.


Built with sustainability in mind, Bird Detective smart bird feeder features a detachable and upgradable module, which are also easy to refill and clean.

Every add-on will make Bird Detective smart bird feeder even more unique and practical.

Core Built-in Chip Camera Module

The built-in chip equipped with a machine algorithm is used to tag and match the captured images with our powerful bird database.

More than 100 tags such as bird size, color, shape, feather pattern, sound, and movement for each visitor. What’s more frightening is that bird detective still keep learning, never rest.


Where do you like Bird Detective to attract bird friends? wall? stand? trunk? ... The mount specially designed is incredibly easy to place it anywhere, rotate it towards your preferred direction. 

Seed Bucket

Wrapped around shape blocks all the erosion of seeds from bad weather, easy disassembly to keep it clean transparent means health for bird friends. 

Bionic Branch

It‘s not easy to make irregular bumps on light and flexible sticks, considering that our bird friends are used to standing on the branches, we achieved it finally. I mean, it's too embarrassing to fall in front of the lens.

SD card available

If you have an off-grid hut or study rare birds in the deep forests, WiFi is indeed a problem. The added local storage function of the SD card will automatically record the clips of the birds. This is truly not to be missed.

While smart bird feeder is carefully designed to consider safety and comfort of birds, we have put in a lot of effort to make sure it also looks gorgeous to humans and will fit beautifully in any backyard.

More colors available

Bird Detective has carefully selected 3 colors that will make your yard stunning and other special festivals.

Upgrad Amazing Shape

The second-generation Bird Detective will be launched in Jan 2022, equipped with more features (such as anti-squirrel), more advanced technology, a more perfect app, and an amazing appearance.

Sample photos

A teachable moment

Discovering a new bird and then learning about it is a wonderful combination that will encourage all children to start loving the birds.

If you are looking for new ways to get your kids excited about the natural world, Bird Detective smart bird feeder is the perfect opportunity.

A window to your backyard

Do you have a bird lover in your life? Then Bird Detective smart bird feeder is the perfect gift for them!

Tape into the sights and sounds of your backyard from anywhere.

A funny cat toy

If you are a cat owner, you must know how ridiculous they look when they see our bird friends, or have experienced the horrible moment of cat showing off to you with their"trophy" in mouth.

In fact, our cute cat watch the birds so close in house will reduce a lot of desire to lurk next to the bird feeder.

Help the birds

With the Bird Detective smart bird feeder will raise the original intention of helping the birds to another level. While feeding a bird, you are also helping the whole group.
The extremely important information you provide to the birds' migration and population database will help experts better understand and protect them.

Bird Detective Specs & features

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Palprot Bird Detective smart bird feeder

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