Why is it a smart bird feeder?

Why is it a smart bird feeder? - PalProt

From the functional point of view, bird feeders can be divided into three categories: traditional bird feeders, bird feeders with cameras, and smart bird feeders. This is also the historical change of the bird feeder so far.

smart bird feeder
The first commercial bird feeder designed for hummingbirds was produced in 1926, and the history of bird feeding in the United States can be traced back to 1845 when Henry David Thoreau was in Walden Pond. ) Feed the birds. Later, the bird feeder developed a variety of branches, for big birds, for small birds, squirrel-proof, and so on.

smart bird feeder

Why did it all start? I mean, where are the driving force for the first person to feed the bird and the one who made it popular and enduring?
I think the first answer should be kindness. When we see white snow and a few birds struggling to find food to sustain themselves and the little ones in the family, it is difficult to do nothing.

smart bird feeder

When I started feeding the birds, I slowly got rewarded-they were also feeding me and nourishing my spirit. It is a pleasure to have their company. When you wake up to eat breakfast, you see them eating the breakfast you provide. This feeling of being able to take care of others is wonderful. Feeding someone is a noble job. It generates positivity in you, and every positive thing is good for you, even more so for purposeless help.

This feeling will become addictive after deepening, and this is the second answer. From them, I experienced the breath of nature, which gave me a place in the hustle and bustle of life. In this place, I can take a breath, do nothing, do not have to think about anything, quietly Looking at them, is a kind of healing, like meditation, it seems to strengthen the connection between me and nature. In comparison, investing in a bird feeder and a few bags of bird food is not worth mentioning.

Then, bird feeders with cameras and smart bird feeders came into being. People hope that in addition to feeding the birds, they can also watch the birds and experience the natural atmosphere they bring.

Bird feeders with cameras are usually divided into two types: those that can only be stored locally via an SD card and those that can be viewed online via a mobile phone. This is not difficult to understand.

But what is a smart bird feeder? To put it simply, the smart bird feeder is a bird feeder that, after sensing the bird, the app reminds and recognizes the type of bird, automatically takes a picture, and can watch the real-time picture after being connected, and can share it with others, or share the picture or share the machine. 

palprot smart bird feeder
The first difference is that it can remind you the first time the bird comes, you don’t have to wait for the bird to come by guarding the bird feeder, and you won’t miss any bird; secondly, the smart bird feeder can recognize the type of bird. Tell you what bird is and related information, and will automatically save a photo, even if you miss the reminder.

In addition, this is a social product that supports sharing. Not only can you easily share pictures and videos on the Internet, you can also connect a bird feeder with your family and friends. When a bird comes, it will remind every user at the same time. You can also connect multiple smart bird feeders to one mobile phone at the same time. I think researchers and experts like this feature the most.

All this is not as easy as it seems. It requires the systematic cooperation of machine algorithms, visual recognition, and sound recognition, and a powerful bird database (up to 10,000 species). Fortunately, we finally overcome these problems.

We hope that through it, you don't have to wait for hours or even a day, and you don't have to hide behind the window and look at it when the bird arrives.
People who are keen on bird watching or even shooting birds, they need to stay in bird gathering places for several days. They need professional cameras, binoculars, and even some equipment to help them hide. The cost of time and money is very high. Birds, as the only wild animals that most people can see every day, are the closest carriers between man and nature.
Smart bird feeders allow anyone to watch birds anytime and anywhere and establish some connection with nature every day.

It is our original intention to make bird watching a thing that most people can do, make contact with nature a more inclusive thing, change the way people interact with nature, and lower the threshold.

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