Interesting knowledge: What are the symbolic meanings of different birds for divination?

Interesting knowledge: What are the symbolic meanings of different birds for divination? - PalProt


Divination is to tell the past, present, and future behaviors by understanding birds and their flight patterns. It is one of the oldest forms of divination used in ancient Greece, Rome, the Celtic Empire, and Egypt (among other countries). It is also known as reading auspicious and bird.


The history of divination

Birds are special creatures-they bridge the gap between man and heaven. Birds are the messengers of the gods, but they are also considered spiritual pillars in various cultures, guiding the dead to other areas. The Romans called it "divination" and the Greeks called it "ornithology", but they were essentially the same-obtaining information about the gods by reading the types, numbers, flight patterns, and behaviors of birds. The Romans and Greeks believed that divination was the divine spiritual leader and asked them for advice and fortune-telling. The ancient Celtic priest Druid also conducted divination.

Nekhbet depicts grasping Shen here.


  • Greece and Rome
Divination is mentioned in ancient documents, and it can also be seen in divination paintings on ancient ruins of the Etruscan Empire dating from 500 BC. Agamemnon is a figure in Greek mythology. He has a fortuneteller by his side who provides him with divine guidance. There are other forms of divination, including reading animal omens and weather patterns, but reading bird flight patterns was the most popular in ancient Greece and Rome.

  • Native American

In addition, Native American tribes also used divination birds for divination. Native Americans have a deep respect for nature, including birds. Birds are messengers from the spiritual world, and many are totems. Bird legends permeate Native American myths: birds are consultants, crooks, heroes, and so on.

  • Egyptian

In ancient Egypt, certain birds were sacred and related to specific gods. Ibis is related to Thoth. Thoth is portrayed as a man with an ibis head. The god Horus is the head of the eagle. Nekhbet is the vulture goddess of Upper Egypt. Moreover, although the great mother god Isis of ancient Egypt is not depicted as a bird, it is the goddess of the sky with wings. The mummy bird found in the ruins of an ancient temple is a testament to bird worship.


How to identify?

1/Reading type and number

If you want to learn how to do divination, the first step is to let the birds show themselves to you. You can go out and look for birds in the wild, but divination is most effective when birds are conveying information to you. After all, this is a sacred thing.

  • Identify the type of bird

First, observe the types of birds. Ask yourself these questions: Is it a native bird? Can I see it every day? What kind of bird is it? The importance behind the species of birds you see is that in addition to divination, birds have their own symbolic meaning; however, the symbolic meaning should be considered when reading mascots. For example, if you keep seeing 5 crows murdered in the yard, it’s time for mystery and renewal. If you see a cardinal in the yard-this is a sign of happiness and growth. It is very important to learn the basic symbolism of birds. Make a note of your bird research diary. Learn how to identify them.

  • Number of birds

Next, consider the number of birds. Have it? Two interactions? ten? a lot of? Hundreds? Numerology began to play a role in divination and reading bird flight patterns. A basic understanding of numerology is helpful, but not required. For example, a pair of cardinals may bring a message of romantic love. The same is true for mourning pigeons, they often travel in pairs. Lonely birds indicate that individuals need to recharge or learn personal lessons on their own. Use your intuition about the number of birds and use numerology to deepen your understanding.

2/Interpreting bird behavior

Another important aspect of divination, and perhaps the most important, is observing the behavior of birds. First, are the birds calling each other? call you? Are they making the sound they usually make or is it a sign of pain? This is an important part of ancient Roman divination. Usually, a fortuneteller spends his entire life learning and interpreting the sounds of different sacred birds.

  • Abnormal behavior of birds

Secondly, the physical behavior of birds is crucial. For example, is the bird's behavior normal? Are they fighting? Escape from predators or hunt down prey? Are they looking for food or a partner? Keep the nest? When you understand the typical behavior of certain birds, you will immediately notice their abnormal behavior. Fol began to behave "strangely". Birds give us spiritual information, but they also warn us of danger. If a bird flies into your window, your house or your car, they will have emergency information. Observe carefully what the bird does. Observe its movements and sounds. Do you want to escape? Comfortable? These actions played a role in divination.

  • Bird flight mode

By direction.

The prophets of ancient Rome had a special way to interpret the flight patterns of birds. The sky is divided into several parts. According to the entry or exit of the bird, a specific message is sent to the fortuneteller. By specifying certain parts of the sky to convey certain information, you can read the flight patterns of birds in this way. Four directions (north, south, east, and west) play a key role. Depending on the direction the bird is flying, it will tell certain things. In ordinary days, the birds going south to spend the winter obviously go somewhere to keep warm. This can also be explained in your own way, mentally as well. The South represents passion, fire, power, etc.

Press shape.

Except where the birds fly, observe how they fly. This means any shape formed during flight, such as circular flight, V-shaped flight, uniform flight, spiral flight, etc. What each shape and symbol means; your information is based on intuition, but it is also based on your understanding of symbols. For example, if a murdered crow flies north and forms a spiral pattern in the air, this may be a message of spiritual death and rebirth (spiral and north = symbol of death/rebirth cycle). Crows are messengers of spiritual mystery and encourage people to think deeply and reflect on spirituality. They are also considered to be spiritual glitz.

3/Use intuition to judge divination

When interpreting bird behavior and flight patterns, there is usually no intermittent information. A large part of divination is the use of intuition. This may be a flashing mental image or a complete vision. It may be that the bird's call reminds you of a word. Maybe a specific bird reminds you of a specific person. Learning how to use intuition will help you succeed in divination. Then apply these divination principles to other forms of divination.



Divination requires observation, intuition and symbolic knowledge. Mixing these three together is the secret of success. Try these same concepts when reading other things in nature: clouds, animals, trees/plants, etc. You will find that you can read many things in nature, otherwise others might never think of using them. have fun. Write down your experience. Always remember-the future is not static, but sometimes we will get a message that if we make certain decisions, our future may develop in one direction. However, we have created our own destiny.

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