Bird Detective
Identifies and reminds you of bird guests, snaps their pictures&videos and organizes them in an excellent collection.
More than a bird feeder
a window be in touch with nature
in your backyard
Birds represent the only wildlife most people still encounter everyday. Bird detective allows us the easiest of opportunities to connect with nature.
Never miss any bird that visits you!
Visit notifications
Bird Detective smart bird feeder will notify you whenever birds access to. You do not have to hide behind the window waiting for your visitors.
Camera control on the palm
Bird Detective smart bird feeder gives you total control through its built-in lens ease from your home or office.
History of your bird visitors
The built-in camera automatically takes pictures of birds that stop by, so even if you miss that rare bird, Bird Detective smart bird feeder will make sure it leaves you a postcard.
Snap unique close-ups and
recognize each bird!
01.Close-up shots full of character
You could never get as close to your shy bird friends as your Bird Detective smart bird feeder camera can.
02.Goofy, selfie-like perspective
The goofy, selfie-like perspective and a wide-angle lens will make every bird a media star.
03.Reliable bird species recognition
Bird Detective smart bird feeder will recognize all the birds that visited you, including the rare one you have always wonder(More than 10K  species)! Fill up your album with all the bird species that live in your region!
Sharing nature with family and build
your ultimate collection!
Multi-device connection
Three accounts can be connected to one bird detective. You'll be able to easily check in with each other's feeders and share the excitement!
Build the ultimate collection
Comical feeding videos with crispy soprano and photos will in your album. How many birds have visited us every year? Will there be old friends? Here anwsers come.
Take the AI magic with you
wherever you are
Bird Detective
Why it is smart?
Machine Algorithms
More than 100 tags class by "Deep Learning" and "Visual Computer Algorithms" such as bird size, color, shape, feather pattern, sound, and movement for each visitor.
Bird Recognition
Bird Detective smart bird feeder always knows who's in front of the camera.
Whenever bird visitors are ready to land, Bird Detective senses recognizes over 10,000 bird species until now.
Bird Face Memory
Will there be old friends? Here anwsers come.
Built-in Microphone
your Bird Detective smart bird feeder doesn't even need to see the bird. it already knows which bird is approaching when it hears it sing.
Built with sustainability in mind, Bird Detective smart bird feeder features a detachable and upgradable module, which are also easy to refill and clean.
Every add-on will make Bird Detective smart bird feeder even
more unique and practical
Camera Module
The built-in chip equipped with a machine algorithm is used to tag and match the captured images with our powerful bird database.

More than 100 tags such as bird size, color, shape, feather pattern, sound, and movement for each visitor. What’s more frightening is that bird detective still keep learning, never rest.
Where do you like Bird Detective to attract bird friends? wall? stand? trunk? ... The mount specially designed is incredibly easy to place it anywhere, rotate it towards your preferred direction.
ultra-long battery life
6400 mAH 30-50 days long battery life
IP65 waterproof and arc design allow you to break through all the limitations. Explore without boundaries!
SD Card Available
If you have an off-grid hut or study rare birds in the deep forests, WiFi is indeed a problem. The added local storage function of the SD card will automatically record the clips of the birds. This is truly not to be missed.
Sample Photos
Media Coverage
  • Bird detective specs & features
    Frequently asked questions
    Is it squirrel-proof?
    In fact, after a lot of testing, there is no completely effective anti-squirrel measure. But very pleased that released in January 2022 the second generation of products will be the perfect solution to this problem. We chase away squirrels by setting the alarm sound. When the squirrel is recognized, we promise to startle it and never dare to come again. If it is a very bold squirrel, it’s another matter. It can also sing to attract its own kind.
    How far is the wifi connection?
    Within 10-20 meters is the most stable state. We tested several extreme situations. In a relatively open place, the Wi-Fi coverage can reach 35 meters. But when separated by three or four walls, it showed a stutter at 11 meters. So there will be deviations due to your Wi-Fi quality/distance/blockers and other reasons.Tip: It is recommended to fix the installation location after testing the Wi-Fi.
    How long does the battery last?
    Depending on how many photos you take and how you set up your Bird detective, one charge should last you up to 30-50 days.
    Do bird detectives have to connect to Wi-Fi? Is there a local storage ?
    Taking into account the scientific research team or some friends who like to live off-grid, we have added the SD card function to the place where the battery is installed to ensure that there have no force that enables you to miss out on bird visitors.
    How does it charge?
    Bird Detective smart bird feeder has a detachable module with all the electronics that you can simply take out and charge with a USB-C cable.
    Will I have to pay a subscription to use the app?
    All advertised app features will be free for our customers forever. No fees, no memberships!
    How sturdy is Bird feeder? Is it weatherproof?
    Bird Detective smart bird feeder is one tough cookie! It is built to withstand all kinds of weather, and build quality was one of our main goals, so you can trust that it is built to last and record plenty of good times.The central module that houses the camera is weatherproof and will withstand temperature ranges of 5°F to 140°F. It is also detachable so you can easily take it out and safely store it inside on extreme days.
    Will the app have a sharing component? would I be able to access both my mom's and mine from the app? Or will she be able to share with us the exciting visitors via the app, and vice versa?
    You'll be able to add up to 4 people to one account, as well as multiple Bird Detective smart bird feeder units to one account. You'll be able to easily check in with each other's feeders and share the excitement!
    Help the birds
    With the Bird Detective smart bird feeder will raise the original intention of helping the birds to another level. While feeding a bird, you are also helping the whole group.
    The extremely important information you provide to the birds' migration and population database will help experts better understand and protect them.